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Training inputs are provided to meet the purchasers' requirements. Depending on the time available, and the needs of the learners/delegates, I can cover some or all of the following:

  • sexualised trauma

  • domestic abuse and trauma bonds (stockholm syndrome)

  • the sense behind seemingly 'illogical' victim behaviour(s)

  • threat response in human beings

  • the effect of trauma on memory and recall

  • interviewing traumatised witnesses

  • the cyclic nature of trauma (repeat victimisation)

  • care / support for the trauma worker

  • the complexities of rape investigation

  • sex offenders and the offending process

  • working therapeutically with survivors of sexualised trauma


I suggest, when planning your training event, that you allow at least one and a half hours for a basic input and ideally a minimum of 3-4 hours for an input that covers a number of the points above.

Bespoke training packages and conference addresses are avaiable to fit any amount of time from 30 minutes to entire training courses.  Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.


Face to face training

 £750 per day, for any length of time within that day, plus travel and overnight accommodation (if required), plus VAT. 


Virtual training
£750 for a whole day plus VAT

£600 for half day plus VAT. 

*cost is for guidance only and is not a quote.  Please contact directly to discuss your specific requirements.


If you want to book Zoe for your training event please contact me with potential date(s) and I will endeavour to reserve the date(s) for you.


Zoe does not run her own trainings; most trainings and talks she provides are for organisations. 

Occasionally, Zoe speaks at events that individuals are able to book a place on.

Click here for current events


I am constantly striving to improve my training and your feedback is important to me.
If you have any comment (positive and/or negative) I will be delighted to hear from you.  

Please contact me.

I have published some of the feedback I receive here.  

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